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   ZungAlexia is a concept initially conceived in 2009 and has been continually built upon since that time. Set within the Star Trek (Prime) universe but outside the current television/film and literature canons; ZungAlexia explores an alien world's contact with the United Federation of Planets as seen through the eyes of its people, the ZungAlexians, and the ramifications of that contact.

   Beginning with the “URZA Citizen Network”, this section of the Webase is written and designed from the perspective of ZungAlexian culture, providing extensive background of ZungAlexia through the “Chronology of ZungAlexia”. Furthermore, information about the ZungAlexian defense and exploration space fleets will become available. In the future, one or more stories will eventually be posted. I hope you enjoy reading through the various pages that comprise the ZungAlexia portion of the Webase as I have had creating them and the world that makes the pages possible.