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Fact(s) of History
 » 1519—June 28: Charles I of Spain becomes Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, ruling until 1556.   Source

 » 1619—July 30: The first representative assembly in the Americas convenes for the first time in Jamestown, Virginia.   Source

 » 1719—January 23: The Principality of Liechtenstein is created within the Holy Roman Empire.   Source

 » 1819—February 22: The Adams-Onis Treaty is signed by representatives of Spain and the United States.    Source

 » 1919—November 19: The United States Senate fails to ratify the World War I-ending Treaty of Versailles.   Source

 » 1969—July 20: The Lunar Module of Apollo 11 lands on the Moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to set foot on its' surface.    Source

   LibraryTrekker's Webase began in 2011 as “LibraryTrekker's Home Site”. The purpose of the Webase is to serve as a place on the World Wide Web to showcase the interests of the webmaster and as an umbrella for “LibraryTrekker's Star Trek InfoBarn”. The Webase has evolved over time, with pages and affiliate sites having been created over the years as a “labor of love”, so to speak, and a way for the webmaster to keep his skills in HTML and CSS fresh.

   This is not the webmaster's first foray in writing web pages. The journey began as early as 2002 with the creation of the first iteration of the “InfoBarn”, then known as “LibraryTrekker's Star Trek Web Database”. The original site evolved over time into what you will see in the “InfoBarn”; a sub-site of the overall Webase. NONE of the pages are elaborate but have been written in HTML 5 and CSS 3 with the assistance of HTML/Web Page editing software. Visit the pages within and provide comment or ask questions by using the link “CONTACT LIBRARYTREKKER” that is at the bottom of every page. Thanks for visiting and of course, “Live Long and Prosper”.

Commemorating Humanity's first steps
on the Moon.

Appllo 11 patch

July 20, 1969-July 20, 2019