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LT's Star Trek Webase-Old Site - 2005 to 2011 version of the Star Trek Webase orginally hosted at The original host suffered from financial difficulties in early 2011 and went permanently offline in mid-June of that year. Prior to its' demise, the pages of this iteration of “Webase” were retrieved and saved. These pages have undergone minor HTML code and content modifications however, the “feel” of the pages is still the same as it was when they were hosted at 250Free.

LT's Star Trek Webase-Old Angelfire Site - 2003 Lycos/Angelfire version of the Star Trek Webase. The site is currently online however has NO link back to LibraryTrekker's Webase. Links within this version may or may not work.

The Chaotic Ramblings of a Half-Empty Mind - Personal Blog. Last updated September 15, 2018.

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